Dr. Pauliina Tuomi


Pauliina Tuomi (PhD) is a postdoctoral researcher at the Tampere University, Pori Unit. She got her M. of Arts from the University of Turku in 2007, and her PhD in Digital Culture in 2015. Her doctoral dissertation, Inviting the Audience – Interactive, Participatory, and Social Television in Finland, focused on interactive SMS-based TV-entertainment, participatory features of convergence, both technical & thematical, between TV and internet + linkages of the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook). Her research on iTV entertainment is also a part of the permanent installation of The Finnish Museum of Games (Catapult, SMS-game). During the last 10 years, Tuomi has worked in various research projects dealing with mobile learning, exergaming, serious games,  game-based learning and has headed educational technology projects for example MAGICAL- Making games in collaboration for learning (EU funded), 2012–2014, which was selected as EACEA success story in 2015. She has also headed the projects Coding skills as a success factor for society, KiSA: The effects of gamification in facility services jobs and Hype – Multidisciplinary serious game education. She has also worked as a coordinator at the University Consortium of Pori in research-/international affairs and has been launching the GamiFIN conference in 2017.


Her research interests include 21st century television, controversial TV content and participatory & provocative media culture. Her current post doc study concentrates on provocative media and TV-production. She has received several grants for her PhD and post doc research for example from the Finnish Cultural Foundation (central and Satakunta regional funds) and the Ella and Georg Foundation. In brief, the phenomenon of provocative television production simply refers to content that is in some way disturbing the common values, norms, and even morality. The topic is approached through: discourse analysis on TV content (selected television formats, multiplatform material & paratexts online), internet inquiry to viewers (disseminated in cooperation with selected channels), content analysis of press & rhetoric (media observation: topics highlighted) and interviews of the production/channels (e.g. strategies around the purchase of the transnational formats.) The provocative television content is understood as diverse, culturally-driven phenomenon that describes the current state of popular culture. Through this intermedial research, the society will gain knowledge and update the current state of Finnish television content as a factor for maintaining or dissolving societal values.


Tuomi has produced a wide range of national and international publications, and reviewed articles for both national and international journals. She has also been active in publishing popularized texts and have been giving professional interviews to the local and national media from several viewpoints during the years.