PhD. Jukka Vahlo


PhD Jukka Vahlo works as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies (CoE GameCult, at University of Tampere. He is also a a Research Manager at Turku School of Economics/Centre for Collaborative Research (CCR).

His research at CoE GameCult focuses on player personas (i.e., player types & self-presentations in gaming environments), meaningful video game gameplay experience, motivations to play, game choice, and game recommendations. At CCR, Vahlo designs new interdisciplinary research projects on experience economy and digital game businesses.

Vahlo has worked together with economists, psychologists, data scientists, media scholars, and game scholars. In his research, Vahlo combines qualitative data analyses and quantitative data analysis methods (e.g., factor analyses and SEM). He has worked in several game research projects as a project manager and a researcher.

Vahlo defended his thesis “In Gameplay” on April, 2018. The thesis is a theoretical and empirical work on invariant structures and varieties of video game gameplay experience (

Vahlo has also designed an AI-powered player profiling and game recommendation engine together with an economist, SW developers and two data scientists. The test gives you a player type according to a gameplay preference model Vahlo published in Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication and later in his dissertation. The test can be taken here:


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Some recent publications:

  • Vahlo, J. (2018). In Gameplay. The Invariant Structures and Varieties of the Video Game Gameplay Experience. Academic Dissertation. Annales Universitatis Turkuensis B451. Turku: University of Turku.
  • Vahlo, J. & Koponen, A. (2018). Player Personas and Game Choice. Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games. Boston: Springer. DOI:
  • Vahlo, J., Kaakinen, J., Holm, S. K. & Koponen, A. (2017). Digital Game Dynamics Preferences and Player Types. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 22(2), 88-103. DOI:10.1111/jcc4.12181
  • Vahlo, J. (2017). An Enactive Account of the Autonomy of Videogame Gameplay. Game Studies, 17(1).
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